Why Gurgaon Needs local SEO service?

Gurgaon is one of the fastest growing cities in India. Flooded with corporate offices, ventures and headquarters of major companies in India, Gurgaon is the biggest business hub in India at the moment. And like any other business, business in Gurgaon too require proper marketing – be it local advertisement, search engine marketing or social media marketing.

Even though there are various SEO agencies in Gurgaon, I personally think that the potential of search engine traffic in Gurgaon is pretty high and unused. Most of the Gurgaon SEO agencies focus on old SEO techniques like keyword stuffing, backlink creation and traditional on-page SEO. But for a place like Gurgaon, SEO needs to be even enhanced and updated according to latest trends in Search Engine Optimization world.

Local SEO in Gurgaon needs to be updated

Yes, local business and services in Gurgaon very much require to follow new SEO techniques to rank local businesses high in Search Engines. According to Google, Google+ pages are going to get shut down from April, 2019. This means that many local business pages are going to get hit and shall be useful no more. Additionally, Google has begun filtering out local map listing which will affect Gurgaon business listings too. If your Google map listing doesn’t meet quality guidelines, or your Gurgaon SEO didn’t follow new Google advice for small businesses, your business might not show in Google’s search result anymore.

SEO listing for local business in Gurgaon

So what do we do to improve local SEO in Gurgaon?

We change the method we have been using to do SEO. According to thehoth.com , here are some of the factors we need to follow to get the most out of local business SEO in Gurgaon –

  1. Google My business – This really affects your local business listing. Proper optimization of My Business page can help Google in understanding what your business is about. We at Markshubh.com, provide you with complete business listing service in Gurgaon. We create your Google my business page and optimize it for high ranking.
  2. Link Signals – This is important. But here is the thing. Gurgaon is a place full of competition. So when we are talking about link signals, we are not talking about general backlink services in Gurgaon. We are going to focus on the diversity of links, mentions across web and social media. Gurgaon SEO are ignoring the major fact that links aren’t enough for local business ranking. Instead, we need to provide better branding for SEO in Gurgaon.
  3. Citations Signals – We are specialized in this. Map lisitng citations not only help you in getting your Gurgaon business gaining online trust, but also verifies that you are an authentic business. Therefore, we provide best citation service in Gurgaon for higher ranking of business listing.
  4. Reviews Signals – Another important factor that we keep in mind is reviews for your local business listing. All gurgaon businesses need positive reviews on Google map. We, at Markshubh, provide you with best online review services in Gurgaon. We encourage real users to post review about your business. This makes us the best SEO agency in Gurgaon.
  5. Social Signals – We also provide you proper social signals and help you in gaining popularity over social media networks like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.