What do I do as an SEO Consultant?

Yeah, right! You heard me! What am I going to do for you? Why do you need an SEO consultant for your online business or website?

My name is Shubham Agrawal and I am an SEO consultant is Gurgaon. People often ask me what I do as an SEO consultant and to be frank, I can’t actually clarify you what I do in the exact technical manner. But instead, I can explain to you the benefits you get from what I do, and why you must hire an SEO consultant for your website or business.

What does an SEO consultant do?

Here is a brief list of things that a good SEO consultant will do. An SEO Consultant –

  1. Analyzes your website’s online presence.
  2. Reviews structure of your website.
  3. Based on Google ranking factors, checks for the quality of your website.
  4. Identifies missing optimization and lists out the steps to be taken for proper SEO of your website.
  5. Checks on-page SEO of your content.
  6. Checks link profile of your website.
  7. Guides about new backlink potential and removal of bad links.
  8. Checks your keywords’ SERP, monitors competitor’s.
  9. Provides you insight of your current ranking status and guides how to improve it.
  10. Provides you with a checklist of things to do and not do in future for better results.

However, this list briefs the task of SEO consultant without going the very technical way. Technically, there are some in-depth steps that an SEO consultant has to take in order to properly analyze your website.

Sometimes, the task doesn’t remain till the Search Engines only. He/she has to also check your social media presence, your local business listing and your reviews on business listing website. Still not sure if you need consultancy from an SEO expert? Well check this out – Why do you need SEO?