Beginner’s Guide to get new blog article ideas

Yeah ! That’s a tough task, no? You might have heard the term – Writer’s block! It’s much known. But have you ever heard of what I say blogger’s block? Does that even exist? Well, it does. Bloggers, serious bloggers, often run out of ideas to write blog post and this is when they end up doing mistakes like

  • Write irrelevant posts,
  • Write meaningless posts,
  • Write articles have no search volume,
  • Write content that isn’t real,

, or, combine them all as this – Write shitty articles, ruin their blog and bore their audience! Which, I must say, I never recommend!

So what to do when you run out of topics to write blog posts? Here is a brief guide about how to write new articles that are relevant to your blog and also have some Google search volume, which means, they’ll get read!

Use Google Search – The massive blog post ideas generator

Oh yeah ! That’s what I am talking about ! Google, the big daddy of Internet. Today, we are going to talk about how to use Google as a blog post idea generator in 2019!

I’ll talk about my own niche here! Though this method absolutely works for every single niche on Internet! Here is how to get new blog post ideas using Google search engine.

Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to get new blog post ideas using Google search and Alexa?

  1. Search on Google for a topic you’ve already written about.

    The first step to find new idea for blog post is to search the title of a blog post you have written about. Use the post that you think is the core and most relevant post on your blog, related to your niche. For example, about my blog, I’ll search for the term – “blog post ideas generator”
    step 1 - search for a blog post on Google

  2. Make a list of top 10 websites for the blog post search

    After searching for the blog post on Google, check for the first page results. List those ten blogs or websites somewhere, either in an excel spreadsheet or in notepad. List the sites in ascending order of SERP.step 2 - list of results for blog post topic search

  3. Run Alexa search for those websites

    Once you have the list of websites that write content similar to yours, I want you to visit their alexa rank page. The alexa rank page for any website can be reached by visiting following URL – . For example, here I choose and check the alexa page for that.alexa page of websites from search result

  4. Create list of their top 5 search terms

    Alexa’s free tool shows you top 5 keywords of any website, sorted by the percentage of traffic that term gives to a certain website. It means that you can find out which keyword people search the most to visit those 10 websites. So you’ll have keywords which are popular and have a certain search volume. For 10 websites, you will have a list of 50 keywords.

  5. Filter similar topics or brand keywords from the list

    Now, I surely know that sometimes, many blogs do get most of their traffic for a few posts only which means that top 5 blog post ideas you get from alexa might be same. Also, often big websites get traffic for their brand keyword too. Sorting those out, you can easily get 10-20 ideas from the list that are 100% relevant and have definite search volume on Google.

So this is my technique for beginners to get new blog posts ideas without using paid tools at all. All you need is Google search and Alexa’s free website analytics page to get your next big article’s idea.

Think this will work? Like this article? Find this blog post helpful. Well, then you’ve got to share it, man! Also, comment below any advice or suggestion that you have for me. Happy blogging!


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